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This document is designed to inform people about the cricket tourist facility being proposed in Healesville, VIC, which will be known as the ‘Cricketeer’s Pavilion.’ The idea is to create a venue that can showcase the revitalised cricket bat willow industry in Australia and celebrate all that country cricketers have done for our historic game. Willow Blue Australia (project manager for this venture) is already a successful business of growing, processing, and supplying English Willow to businesses all around the globe. The existing business will be the backbone for this new venture.


The venue will be located on the site of the A. C. MacLaren Willow plantation in Healesville, which itself is in the bustling tourist region of the Yarra Valley. The venue will consist of several parts including a bat making area for specialised demonstrations and commercial production, a theatre, a catering area, and a museum to house cricketing memorabilia. The venue will also boast vast open green spaces for families to enjoy the sunshine, and of course play some cricket.


The potential for this venue is immense, with the Yarra Valley boasting some world-renowned tourist destinations already. 5 million people already visit the region each year, with around 4,200,000 day-trippers and 800,000 who stay more than one day. 

Cricket itself is a well-loved international game with over 300 million participants and many more supporters. This is a huge market that can be tapped into by this project and will attract many more people to the region and bolster the local economy.


There are a number of different revenue streams associated with this project. These include, but are not limited to, entrance fees, catering lease, timber sales, bat making courses, membership sales, venue/ground hire, and souvenir and memorabilia sales.


Another key aspect of this project will be our involvement with the Australian Country Cricketeer's Club (ACCC). Part of the admission fee paid by each visitor will be passed on to the ACCC foundation to help improve cricket in country regions around Australia by offering grants to primary schools and clubs, to employ cricket coaches able to provide proper skill programs to children showing an interest in the game, to ensure Country Cricket’s contribution to Australian cricket continues.